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Human Resource Development


The resurgence of mining has created numerous job opportunities for surrounding aboriginal communities. However, lack of required qualification could prevent access to those jobs.


Working with an aboriginal community, the mining companies, several training institutions and government funding agencies, Atmacinta helped to:

  • Analyze job opportunities in the mining industry

  • Inform community members of the job opportunities and collect information on their job interest and their skill levels

  • Determine training needs by analyzing to the gaps between jobs of interest and the current skill levels of community members

  • Install a adult learning center in the community offering workplace essential skills and high school upgrading

  • Organize technical training in the community and on mining sites (e.g heavy equipment operator, tractor truck driver, welder, exploration, etc.)

  • Support the employment integration of community members in the mines

  • Offered training leading to employment to more than one hundred community members

  • Enabled the creation of a skilled aboriginal workforce in the region for the mining industry

  • Established a permanent adult learning center in the community


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