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Liaison and Negociation - Governments


With strong natural resources development and government interventions on its traditional land, a First Nation community wanted its voice heard by key government stakeholders to ensure sustanable development for the community and the region. 


In conjunction with political leaders of the First Nation, Atmacinta helped to:

  • Identify key development priorities and requests of the the First Nation (e.g. infrastructure, education, environmental protection, health, etc.)

  • Monitor the development of government policies, programs and strategies to enable the First Nation to intervene upstream in the gouvernment’s decision-making process

  • Identify key governmental decision-makers and decision paths

  • Prepare high-impact documents (e.g. presentation, brief, action plan, letter) for government decision-makers

  • Road infrastructure investment to access the First Nation community

  • Construction of a new CLSC Building

  • Public investment for the connection of the community to the worldwide fiber optic grid

  • Creation process of an Adult Training Center 


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