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Management and Organizational Consultants

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Our Vision


We hope to make a positive and lasting impact on our clients’ organizations, our community, and our world, by working in an ethical, respectful and transparent manner.

Based in Montréal, Québec, Canada, Atmacinta was federally incorporated in 2001. Our team is a strong one, with backgrounds and experience in:

Applied Human Sciences


Public Administration

Project Management

Environmental Sciences

We possess intimate understanding of working with aboriginal and local communities, and have extensive experience in advancing and managing complex projects in rural and remote areas for the purpose of economic and social development.



Where we work


Atmacinta has strong expertise operating in rural and remote areas and in cross-cultural contexts to advance community development. Atmacinta has been very involved in Northern Canada and has the expertise to work across Canada and in developing and emerging countries.



How we help


  • Obtain grants, manage budgets effectively, and save money


  • Build strong communities by developing consensus, setting community-wide goals and implementing projects


  • Create jobs and improve local economies by assisting in local business development, identifying training needs and organizing training programs


  • Create strong and stable organizations by developing and implementing proper governance practices, assisting to resolve conflicts, building strong teams, and managing change



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Our Mission


We work in partnership with our clients to implement customized management and administrative solutions and to increase individual, team and organizational effectiveness in a way that respects budgets, schedules and deliverables.

atmacinta n. Sanskrit word for growth and development through self-reflection

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