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Atmacinta excels at initiating and successfully completing projects of varying size and type in collaboration with our clients. 

Our mandates are built on trust and are rooted in our commitment to excellence, our openness to continuous learning, and our dedication to realizing our clients' vision for their community. 

Creation of a Climate Chante Action Plan

Build awareness and capacity, acquire knowledge, set clear orientations and adequately plan future actions at a community level through the development of a two-part climate plan: a mitigation plan dealing with the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions and renewable energy opportunities, and a climate change adaptation plan, dealing with the community’s resilience to the effects of global warming.  

Our Role

Project Management and Coordination + Environmental and Community Consultation: 

  • Receive relevant documentation (literature, reports, etc.). 

  • Coordinate community consultations and engagement. 

  • Coordinate specific studies (greenhouse gas emissions, carbon footprint, etc.). 

  • Analyse gathered information and outcomes of the consultation process. 

  • Draft the climate change action plan. 

Projects Managers :

Alice Sécheresse
Nathalie Charland
Simon Bélanger

Project is Ongoing!

A literature review and consultations have been initiated.  


Creation of a Climate Chante Action Plan

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