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Discover our Team

Our team has expertise in business development, project management, environmental documentation review, negotiation, governance, and much more.

We have the skills and experience to help you succeed!

Paul Renzoni

Founder, President

Governance and Negotiations

Balgovind Pande


Business Development and Telecommunications

Christopher Coggan

Business and Mining Development

Robert Prévost

Public Administration and Governance

Lindsay Richardson

Environment and Community Consultation

Nathalie Charland

Environment and Policy Analysis

Guillaume Marcille

Governance and Project Management

Simon Bélanger, Ing.

Development of Renewable Energies

Nina Tomaszewski

Economic and Social Development

Alice Sécheresse

Public Policy

and Governance

Philippe Boucher

Mathieu Potvin

Economic and

Financial Analyst

Blanche D'Cunha

Internal Accounting





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