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Project Drivers

Atmacinta is a consulting firm that specializes in working with remote and Indigenous communities to build diversified local and regional economies, foster environmental stewardship, and strengthen governance structures.  We work in partnership with community leadership and senior management to deliver results that respect local culture, values, and traditions. 


​ Sanskrit word for growth and development through introspection.

How can we help ? 

Our multi-disciplinary team has a unique skill set and decades of experience.  We are a trusted partner committed to your long-term success.  

6 steps to success!

Using a participatory approach to project planning and implementation, we work in partnership with our clients to deliver results on time and within budget.

Negotiating an agreement to protect a crucial territory for a First Nation in Northern Québec.

Providing project management and coordination services to establish a cellular company offering coverage to four communities in the Nunavik region. 

Negotiating an Impact and Benefits Agreement (IBA). 

Establishing metal recycling operations in a tri-community area in northern Quebec. 

Our Work

Atmacinta has successfully delivered a wide variety of projects by working in partnership with our clients and all stakeholders.

Discover our Team

Atmacinta’s dynamic, multi-disciplinary team applies its knowledge and experience to help resolve complex issues, deliver projects, and increase organizational effectiveness.

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