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Atmacinta excels at initiating and successfully completing projects of varying size and type in collaboration with our clients. Please click the links below to view some of our projects! 

Preparing a climate change action plan.

Negotiating an agreement to protect a crucial territory for a First Nation in Northern Québec.

Ensuring the meaningful participation of a First Nation in the planning and establishment of protected areas on its traditional territory. 

Conducting a study to evaluate the feasibility of wind energy project. 

Providing negotiation support to a First Nation to secure increased funding for the provision of local government services and the construction of housing and community infrastructure. 

Providing negotiation support to a First Nation to ensure it has the financial means to provide professional police services that are adapted to the needs and culture of its community.

Participating in the establishment and support of a constitutional committee to develop and draft an Indigenous self-government constitution. 

Establishing metal recycling operations in a tri-community area in northern Quebec. 

Providing negotiation and project management support to a First Nation in northern Quebec to expand an existing childcare centre to nearly double its enrolment capacity.  

Negotiating of an Impact and Benefits Agreement (IBA).

Providing project management and support services to produce a documentary based on interviews with Elders who worked for the Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC) in Schefferville. 

Developing an Indigenous mining policy.

Examiner divers documents gouvernementaux pour évaluer leur impact sur les droits et les intérêts communautaires.

Coordinating field campaigns with multiple scientific teams in remote locations, to acquire knowledge on specific territories, mainly for purposes of environmental protection and conservation.

Providing project management and coordination services to establish a cellular company offering coverage to four communities in the Nunavik region. 

Providing project management and coordination services to install a telecommunications network at a mining site in northern Quebec.

Providing project management and coordination services to build a fiber optic network and establish an Indigenous-owned in the Kawawachikamach-Schefferville region.

Providing technical reviews and analyses of any documentation pertaining to impact assessments (IA) and environmental permits and plans, with and on behalf of First Nation communities.

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