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Atmacinta excels at initiating and successfully completing projects of varying size and type in collaboration with our clients. Please click the links below to view some of our projects! 

Indigenous Self-Governance – Development of a Constitution

Draft a constitution with the active participation of all interested members of a First Nation for the establishment of an Indigenous self-government.

Our Role

Organizational Development + Project Management and Coordination  

  • Undertake secretariat role for the Constitutional Committee.  

  • Facilitate community consultations and information sessions.  

  • Coordinate the collection and sharing of information. 

  • Report progress to Indigenous Leadership. 

  • Support the drafting of the constitution based on feedback received from community members and organizations.  

Project Manager(s) :

Alice Sécheresse

​Related project(s) :

​Governance - Self-Governance Agreement Negotiation

Project is Ongoing!

The Constitution Committee has been established and is currently drafting the constitution.  


Complete a draft constitution, the approval of which would be decided by a community referendum.   

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