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Atmacinta excels at initiating and successfully completing projects of varying size and type in collaboration with our clients. Please click the links below to view some of our projects! 

​Ulittaniujalik-Kawawachikamach National Park Visitor Center

​Collaborate with Nunavik Parks and engage with Naskapi Elders to identify priorities and key content for an exhibition at the Welcome Center, with a view to enhancing the visitor experience and preserving local cultural heritage.

Our role

​Project Manager and Coordinator:

  • Facilitate consultations with Naskapi Elders and Nunavik Parks

  • Collaborate with content creators to translate collected information into engaging exhibition materials.

  • Manage project deadlines, budgets and resources.

  • Provide regular updates and progress reports to stakeholders and partners.

  • Ensure that the exhibition is consistent with cultural sensitivities and respects the wishes of the community.

Project Manager :

Robert Prévost

Status : In progress


​Cultural exposure relevant :

​The exhibition at the Welcome Center will feature content and panels reflecting the cultural priorities and preferences of the affected Indigenous community, particularly its Elders.

​Improved experience visitors:

​Visitors to the Welcome Center will have the opportunity to learn about the culture, history of the community and the significance of the nearby park, contributing to a more enriching and educational experience.

​Strengthening the community collaboration :

​Collaboration between Nunavik Parks and community members, particularly Naskapi Elders, will strengthen community ties and partnerships, while promoting cultural preservation and mutual understanding.

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