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Atmacinta excels at initiating and successfully completing projects of varying size and type in collaboration with our clients. 

Our mandates are built on trust and are rooted in our commitment to excellence, our openness to continuous learning, and our dedication to realizing our clients' vision for their community. 

​Metal Recycling

Development of the logistical process and acquisition of equipment to process and ship the scrap metal generated in the Schefferville region to metal recycling facilities in southern Quebec. 

Our Role

Negotiation and Liaison + Project Management and Coordination 

  • Reach different actors in the recycling chain and suppliers of recycling equipment.  

  • Establish partnerships with recycling and transport companies. 

  • Develop logistical processes and budgets. 

  • Secure funding for the acquisition of recycling equipment and its operation.  

  • Coordinate the acquisition of the recycling equipment. 

  • Report and liaise with stakeholders and funding partners. 

Projects Managers :

Nina Tomaszewski
Robert Prévost

Project is Ongoing!

Funding of more than $1.5M has been secured for the purchase and installation of specialized equipment.  


Involvement of three (3) communities in the project. 

Development of new procedures to manage scrap metal

​Better autonomy
for the communities

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