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Atmacinta excels at initiating and successfully completing projects of varying size and type in collaboration with our clients. Please click the links below to view some of our projects! 

Sichuun Fiber Optic Network 

Eliminate reliance on costly and unreliable satellite communications by providing communications services equivalent to those available in urban Canada. 

Business Development and Support 

  • Feasibility studies, business models, financing. 

  • Negotiate contracts, rights of way and logistics. 

  • Prepare calls for tender. 

  • Report and liaise with project owners and funding partners. 

  • Create a new company, facilitate incorporation and agreements between shareholders. 

  • Secure credit lines and recruit personnel and training. 

  • Facilitate transition to operations, develop operational policies and procedures and acquire necessary tools, equipment and supplies. 

Our Role

Projects Managers :

Balgovind Pande
Guillaume Marcille

Project successfully completed!

This project was successfully completed! New operational business providing high-speed, cost-effective fiber-based communications services. 


300 kilometers of cable installed 

Creation of a business 100% First Nation owned.

100% of buildings connected with fiber. 

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