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Atmacinta excels at initiating and successfully completing projects of varying size and type in collaboration with our clients. 

Our mandates are built on trust and are rooted in our commitment to excellence, our openness to continuous learning, and our dedication to realizing our clients' vision for their community. 

IOC Community Consultation – Video Project

Filming interviews with seniors who worked for the mining company IOC Schefferville to document their experiences. This will result in the creation of a film/documentary. 

Our Role

Project Management and Coordination : 

  • Assistance in the recruitment process of local staff.  

  • Provision of training to new local staff.  

  • Recruitment and hiring of a professional videographer to build local capacity.  

  • Ongoing support for the project and its staff.  

  • Additional responsibilities as needed to contribute to the success of the project.  

Project Manager(s) :

Lindsay Richardson

​Related project(s)  :

IBA Negotiation

Project in Progress

​The interview phase of the project has been completed and the documentary is being created.


Creation of a documentary, preserving the precious stories and experiences of former employees of the IOC mining company in Schefferville, and their families.

 Twenty (2) interviews conducted with elders and families.

Creation of an educational resource, enabling current and future generations to learn more about their history and the memories of those who lived it.

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